About Us

IKEA shoppers, we know you all regularly come to the point in life where IKEA bought furniture is in front of you in bits and pieces and you’d rather do anything else than tend to the tedious chore of assembling it. Or worse, you have assembled it but something’s not quite right (why is that piece wobbling?!). Or even worse, you want to shop from IKEA but their last unsatisfactory delivery service is making you hesitate. However, in NYC, you can say goodbye to all these scenarios because Cheap Assembly is there for you!

Cheap Assembly is an IKEA delivery and furniture assembling service in NYC, providing the best services at the best prices. We believe you shouldn’t have to spend too much to get your furniture assembled or delivered so we save your time and money with our affordable service. Being professionals at what we do, we’ll take care of the everything – from proper delivery to reading the boring instruction manuals to ensuring all the pieces are in the right place and nothing is left wobbling, dangling, or out of place.

At Cheap Assembly, we give you a fixed estimate before we provide our service so you know exactly what you’ll have to pay. No hidden charges or gimmicks with Cheap Assembly! Our nominal prices are something all IKEA shoppers can easily afford – so you neither have to spend a lot of time putting the furniture together nor a lot of money!

Oh and don’t worry. Our service is just as amazing as our prices. We are friendly, cooperative, and dedicated. We always make sure our service is fully satisfactory for you. All our past customers have had smiles on their faces with our service and we’re sure you’ll be smiling too.

We make shopping for IKEA furniture fun and simple for you! Contact us today for our professional furniture assembling service.